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Red Blues

Maybe you're better off this way
where the trees don't hide you anymore
and the raindrops keep on fallin'
but they slide right off the roof

Looks like you're mostly out of the woods
Or maybe you'd be better off without me
And you'd finally be out running wild again
You'd make your escape for the open range
Our bond wouldn't break
but at least you'd be unchained

And now when you're lyin' alone
Thinkin' 'bout diggin' the same damn hole
Or crawlin' out on the loose...
Yeah I guess you've been well-fed
Never had to scratch your own head
But then you never got to choose...

Seems like all dogs get the blues
I wonder if it spread from me to you
Or maybe I'm misreadin' the clues
but it makes me wanna howl at the moon
Maybe I've got it too...

Maybe it was my mistake
to domesticate you after all
while the forest keeps on callin' you
from just beyond the fence

Hey, but at least I gave you food
I threw you a bone and a frisbee
And I walked you all around in circles
I took away from the open range,
your scavenging days
when you were covered in mange

And now when I'm lyin' alone
diggin' myself in the same damn hole
eschewin' old human news
Sure I guess I've been well-fed
even while I'm scratchin' my head
and letting you eat my shoes...

Seems like we all get the blues
I wonder if it spreads from me to you, sometimes
or maybe I'm misreadin' the clues
but it makes me wanna howl at the moon
maybe I've got it too...


It's about time that I thanked you
for your compromise
And I'll try not to pity you
for your big sad eyes

And I'm sorry 'bout the silly sweater
But you know you've always made my life better
And I hope to do the same for you...


from Visitors, released April 14, 2021
Ben Hjertmann: voice, pedal steel guitar
Emmalee Hunnicutt: cello, voice

Music and Lyrics by Ben Hjertmann


all rights reserved



Ben Hjertmann Asheville, North Carolina


Just Intonation
Microtonal Folk


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